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What My Shoe Addiction Taught Me About My Career
I am a self-proclaimed shoe addict. For many years, I have justified my shoe purchases in many ways - “I don’t have that EXACT color, or THAT style, or that HEEL or that BRAND”.
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"Dr. Sundar captured and engaged our clients' attention at our annual appreciation event. Every person that was at the presentation walked away with important material facts on how to take care of themselves, how to focus on the things that really matter, and how to block out the noise that many people pay too much attention to. Can't wait to have her back!"
Joe McKinley
Financial Advisor
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When hosting an event, the invited speaker can make all the difference.
The right speaker will engage the audience and convince them the investment of their time will bring profit. Dr. Sundar, as an educational and motivational speaker, will exceed expectations and bring lasting benefits to the audience and sponsoring organization.