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You became an entrepreneur because you wanted freedom, right?

But somewhere along the way, things didn't shape up the way you imagined.

Free time? Not as abundant as you hoped. Money? Not as flowing as you had hoped. Health? It could be more vibrant.

There's loads of help available for growing your business, learning new tricks, and buying the next big thing. But how do you really make the most of your time and resources to tackle challenges head-on?

Taking care of our physical and mental health is essential for maintaining our efforts and achieving our goals. It keeps us performing our best every day. Being smart with our finances isn’t just for a comfortable future; it enables us to pursue our passions, support our loved ones, and contribute positively to our communities.

Imagine taking just two days that could totally change up your life. I know it sounds tough to squeeze into your crazy busy schedule, right? That's exactly why our Fearless Freedom Workshops are made to be immersive, yet short and sweet.

-Sculpt your personal roadmap to work-life fusion

  • -Uncover holistic health secrets and self-care tips tailored to your life

  • -Explore diversification of your wealth beyond just 401(k)s and IRAs

-Avoid costly mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars.

Did you know?

Aesthetic Practitioners are constantly “struggling with the juggle”.

They juggle careers, family, relationships, finances and the needs of others. Female entrepreneurs are often expected to put themselves last and give until they can give no more.

When society encourages women to do more while expecting less in return, a cascade of negative events is set in place. Reduced productivity, feelings of being overwhelmed, physical and mental exhaustion are the consequence. In this condition, women are not able to be the best version of themselves. With guidance and encouragement, women CAN regain control of their lives by living mindfully, engaged and with purpose.

Book a call for help navigating the "juggle" with Master Certified Professional Coach, Dr. Kalpana Sundar!

"Portrait is revolutionizing aesthetic medicine, and helping highly respected, expert providers achieve their career potential, live the balanced life they deserve, and run a successful aesthetic business. Dr. Sundar is the perfect thought leader to demonstrate how all three can be possible. Dr. Sundar‘s discussion on feminine entrepreneurship at our DreamWork Summit this year in Beverly Hills, CA, left the room inspired and equipped with tools that will help them create the version of their best life, said Natasha Peters, National Sales Director at Portrait. We’re honored to have someone like her share her strategies with our collective."

Kelly Hanson

Head of Marketing, Portrait

Did you know?

Did you know that more than half of the practicing physicians and trainees are experiencing burnout?

Source: Bradford et al, Addressing Physician Burnout and Ensuring High-Quality Care of the Physician Workforce. Clinical expert series January 2021

Female clinicians leave medicine for a plethora of reasons including being overworked, overwhelmed by responsibilities, and lacking fulfillment in the workplace. Dr. Sundar can partner with your organization to encourage women who are considering leaving their medical careers to rediscover commitment to their career and themselves.

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