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International speaker . Master Certified Professional Coach
Dr. Kalpana Sundar is an international speaker and master certified life coach, who focuses on guiding professional women toward fulfilling careers and personal lives. She helps women navigate careers, leadership and entrepreneurship with clarity to work towards their version of success. Dr Sundar’s keynotes, workshops and breakout sessions inspire women to regain career fulfillment.
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Upcoming Event (Long Beach Convention Center)
California HR Conference 2023
Long Beach, California |
Dr. Sundar will be giving the closing keynote on May 10th, 2023, for the Women’s Leadership track entitled Feminine Leadership
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Professional women are constantly “struggling with the juggle”.
They juggle careers, family, relationships, finances and the needs of others. Women are often expected to put themselves last and give until they can give no more.
When society encourages women to do more while expecting less in return, a cascade of negative events is set in place. Reduced productivity, feelings of being overwhelmed, physical and mental exhaustion are the consequence. In this condition, women are not able to be the best version of themselves. With guidance and encouragement, women CAN regain control of their lives by living mindfully, engaged and with purpose.
Book a call for help navigating the "juggle" with Master Certified Professional Coach, Dr. Kalpana Sundar!
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opening keynote
Feminine Entrepreneurship
In this keynote, Dr. Sundar discusses a new way to approach entrepreneurship to create a sustainable business and personal life by using a six step method.
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Women in Medicine: Reclaiming Career Satisfaction and Life Balance Workshop
In this 90 minute workshop Dr. Sundar will take the audience on a journey to determine what career satisfaction looks like for each participant and the dynamic role this plays in other aspects of their lives.
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"Portrait is revolutionizing aesthetic medicine, and helping highly respected, expert providers achieve their career potential, live the balanced life they deserve, and run a successful aesthetic business. Dr. Sundar is the perfect thought leader to demonstrate how all three can be possible. Dr. Sundar‘s discussion on feminine entrepreneurship at our DreamWork Summit this year in Beverly Hills, CA, left the room inspired and equipped with tools that will help them create the version of their best life, said Natasha Peters, National Sales Director at Portrait. We’re honored to have someone like her share her strategies with our collective."
Kelly Hanson
Head of Marketing, Portrait
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Dr. Sundar achieved the life of her dreams
She had a successful medical practice, a family, and material possessions that indicated high achievement. And yet she felt unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Dr. Sundar struggled with burnout from living a life focused on overachieving. After battling cancer at the age of thirty-four, her perspective changed. Recognizing that she was bound to her career, her relationships, and to society’s expectations, she felt trapped in a life that didn’t feel like her own. Through the pages of Beauty Unbound, share Dr. Sundar’s journey from the dark places of self-repression to the freedom of becoming her most authentic self.
Did you know?
Did you know that more than half of the practicing physicians and trainees are experiencing burnout?
Source: Bradford et al, Addressing Physician Burnout and Ensuring High-Quality Care of the Physician Workforce. Clinical expert series January 2021
Female clinicians leave medicine for a plethora of reasons including being overworked, overwhelmed by responsibilities, and lacking fulfillment in the workplace. Dr. Sundar can partner with your organization to encourage women who are considering leaving their medical careers to rediscover commitment to their career and themselves.
Book a call now to see how Dr. Sundar can help address this important issue!
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Featured Blog
What My Shoe Addiction Taught Me About My Career
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