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As the professional landscape continues to evolve after a global pandemic, it is more important than ever to maximize your professional potential
Opening Keynotes
Feminine Entrepreneurship

In this keynote, Dr. Sundar discusses a new way to approach entrepreneurship to create a sustainable business and personal life by using a six step method.

Weathering the Storm of Entrepreneurship

In this keynote, Dr. Sundar shares five of the most valuable lessons she has learned in twenty years as an entrepreneur. The audience will be inspired to examine their expectations of entrepreneurship and take positive steps toward a fulfilling career.

How to Use Expectations to Empower You

Expectations are unavoidable and influence our behavior in a positive or negative way. Dr. Sundar will show the audience ways to use common expectations that are placed upon us and to gain insight into our own authentic needs and desires.

How to improve patient satisfaction metrics by making the first patient YOU!

In this keynote, Dr. Sundar addresses how self care can create a positive impact on patient care. She discusses how spending time to take care of your needs impacts all of your interactions throughout the day.

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"Dr. Sundar captured and engaged our clients' attention at our annual appreciation event. Every person that was at the presentation walked away with important material facts on how to take care of themselves, how to focus on the things that really matter, and how to block out the noise that many people pay too much attention to. Can't wait to have her back!"
Joe McKinley
Financial Advisor
Did you know?
By 2025, there will be a shortage of 90,000 physicians.
Source: Clinical Burnout and the impact of Digital Behavioral Health Solutions
The cost of turnover in the medical field and decreased productivity from burnout is estimated at $4.6 B annually. Burnout can be a larger problem for female physicians and medical professionals due to "hidden" stressors of gender discrimination in the workplace and family expectations in the home.
Hospitals and event planners can use their diversity inclusion budget to help their female physicians, mid-level practitioners and nurses reclaim joy in their career which translates to better patient care, less turnover, and a reduction in medical errors. Let's work together to help retain our women in medicine and reduce the negative impact on the healthcare industry!
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